Production will only commence after receipt of Balance Payment.

Cancellation charge will be £30 after receipt of the order. plus £10 per page/side for first proof-if prepared. plus £5 per page/side for subsequent proofs-if prepared. plus cost of non-stock purchases and any production work done up to cancellation.

Your ordered goods may have minor variations in shade, size, design and margins.

Our website address and telephone number will appear on all finished goods and services.

BY EMAIL ONLY. ONLY one set of first proofs and one set of corrections are included in the price. Subsequent minor changes/corrections will be charged at £10 per page/side and it does not include any design and or layout changes.

After first proofs, we will not accept any new text drafts.

The customer is responsible for checking EACH & EVERY proofs/revisions for text, pictures...etc in ENTIRETY ensuring it meets their needs as ordered. Production can only commence once PROOFS APPROVAL EMAIL is received for the most recent/final proofs and the outstanding balance is paid.

Once proofs are approved for printing, your job will be printed as it is, as per the last proofs presented to you and will supersede all previous conversations during our meeting, by telephone, emails, text drafts, and proofs exchanged between us.

Delayed delivery and damage concerns to be taken up directly with the courier company. We will guide/assist you where possible.

Shortages must be reported to us by email within three days of receipt or collection of the goods & may require you to bring/send the goods to us for inspection at your expense.

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